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Other Class Info

 Birthday Celebrations 

Birthdays are a special time for first graders. Parents are welcome to join us for a short 10 minute classroom celebration. We will sing Happy Birthday and read a birthday poem.  I also invite your child to bring in a short, favorite book that a parent or other family member can read to the class as a read- a-loud. All birthday celebrations will be food and gift free

 General Class Information

The following is important information for you to know as we begin the school year:

Lunch Money: If your child plans to buy lunch or milk, please send money in an envelope, plastic bag or other safe container. Children are responsible for bringing their lunch money to the cafeteria and paying for their lunch/milk. I have found that zip-lock baggies work well and are easy for the children to work with. Families can also prepay for lunch by sending in a check.  

Travel folder: It is important that your child has his/her own 2-pocket folder to be used as a travel folder. This travel folder is the method I will use to send home papers and communications from school. Please make sure that your child's name is on his/her folder and it is in your child's backpack everyday. I will give your child a folder if he or she does not have one.

After school activities: Please send in a written note at the start of each day explaining any changes in after school pick-up plans or activities your child will be participating in at dismissal.

Snack: The class will have a snack each day. Please make sure to send in  a snack and a drink. The children look forward to snack time each day. 

General Homework Information

The purpose of homework in first grade is to review and practice skills. Children will not need to spend a great deal of time at home completing these assignments.

Math: Math homework will be sent home once or twice a week. Please return the homework the day after it is assigned. These activities are a means of reinforcement and practice of the lesson that was taught that day. Reflex Math practice night is Wednesdays. However, if this night does not fit with your schedule please feel free to select another night. The goal is to have your child work on Reflex Math one day a week at home and two days a week at school. 

Sight Words: Your child will be assigned sight words each week. These sight words are taken from our Fundations phonics program. The goal is for your child to recognize, read, and spell the words correctly. We will practice these words  in school as well. Reading and spelling these sight words should eventually become automatic for the students. The key is to practice, practice, and practice! 

Reading and sight word practice: A reading log and sight word practice worksheet will be sent home on Mondays and both are due on Friday. Please read to or have your child read to you 10 to 15 minutes each day.  

If you have any questions about homework assignments, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your support at home!