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March Newsletter

posted Mar 18, 2019, 10:44 AM by Kathleen Aucella   [ updated Mar 18, 2019, 10:46 AM ]

Curriculum Updates

Math - We began Unit 6 this week. The focus is on 3-digit addition and subtraction strategies and the children have started off great with this unit!  The next unit will be on money and time. Keep having your child practice their math facts!

Independent Reading – The kids will be wrapping up their series book clubs soon. They have learned how to think more deeply about the text they were reading by having group discussions, how to pay attention to figurative language, what the author is trying to say and all about character traits.

Writer's Workshop – The class is in the middle of their Opinion writing unit. The children have been working very hard to convince readers to read their favorite books and the paragraphs are great! 

Science – A scientist from Hi Touch Hi Tech came to visit our class on 3/18 to teach the children about Matter.  The students got to be scientists by participating in a few science experiments. We will continue our unit on Matter for a few weeks.

Social Studies – We continue to learn about Continents and oceans.  The children will continue to study Black History and Immigration.

Upcoming Events

This Friday will be the last session of Club GLO. The children have enjoyed this special time!    

3/22- Report Cards will be sent home - please send the envelopes back if you haven’t yet.

3/26– 1/2 day - Evening Conferences

3/28 – 1/2 day – Afternoon Conferences

Recommended Links

Children’s Books


Fun Brain

Thank you to the TPA for sponsoring Hi Touch High Tech, this is an exciting,

 hands-on program!