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December Newsletter

What We're Learning

Math - We are working on Unit 4 in Go Math!    This unit teaches the students Addition Strategies using two digit numbers. The children have been doing great using the different strategies. We will start Unit 5 next week.  This unit focuses on 2 Digit Subtraction.

Reading – The unit being taught is Retelling.  The students are learning how to properly retell a story with all the important elements.  Our next unit will be on Prediction.

Writing – The class is studying Persuasive Writing. The kids will be writing persuasive letters at the end of the unit, which will be in January.  They also have been doing some holiday writing.

Social Studies - The class is learning about mapping skills, continents, & oceans.  

ScienceWe continue to study Pebbles, Sand, & Silt. The class has sorted and observed the properties of sand. Coming up, the kids will be exploring clay, studying the uses of rocks, and making sand sculptures.

*Ask your child to retell a story they’ve read, including the four story elements.

Upcoming Events

Friday 12/5 – Report Cards issued

Monday 12/8 - Money for Gift Giving Project is due!  We have $53.07 so far!

Wednesday 12/23 – Holiday Sing  Along

Wednesday– 12/23 – Class Holiday Party – Party in a Box - details to come.

12/24-1/2 – No School

*Please remind your children to leave playing cards, jewelry, stuffed animals, or other toys at home. They can be a distraction and trading is not allowed in the classroom. Thank you to everyone who sent in food donations for the Norfolk Food Pantry.  We collected 119 items!

Teacher Recommended Links

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I wish you all a happy & healthy holiday season!