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Other Class Info

Birthdays :   


 If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday please contact me at least one week prior, so that we can schedule your visit. You might want to bring in a little goody i.e. a pencil for each child, a small goody bag with a small trinket in it to share with our class of 21 students rather than food.  Some ideas include pencils, erasers, goody-bag favors, etc.  I do not want parents to spend any more money than if they were baking cupcakes. I am asking parents to read a book to the class as part of our Birthday celebration. 

Dismissal Notes:

It is important that you send in a note with your child about any change in their dismissal routine. If your child does different things on different days (example: pick up Fridays, bus on Mondays, etc.) you may write one note with the weekly information that will serve as a year long note. Notes are also required for clubs, activities, and SACC.