About our School

The H. Olive Day School is one of two elementary schools in Norfolk Massachusetts. It was opened in January 1995.  The H. Olive Day School currently serves 454 children from pre-kindergarten through second grade. The building provides a safe, clean, attractive environment, which includes a full cafeteria, library, gymnasium and playground. Each student has access to computers directly in the classroom and access to the Internet through computers in the computer resource room. 

Our talented, experienced elementary teaching staff is committed to collectively and individually providing Norfolk's children with an excellent education. They create a stimulating and nurturing learning environment that acknowledges, respects and accommodates each learner's background, learning style and diverse needs. In keeping with our district-wide objectives, we strive to keep classes at a reasonable size and heterogeneously grouped to make them inclusive and conducive to learning for all children. Educational Service Providers, Reading Specialists, Special Educator, Guidance Counselor and Speech Therapist work directly with classroom teachers to help meet the range of learning needs for all students. 

H. Olive Day has a strong curricular program with high standards for academic as well as social performance. In addition to reading, language arts, social studies, math and science, all children regularly have classes in health, physical education, music and visual arts. Much of the instruction is interdisciplinary to help children integrate learning. Our active TPA provides many curriculum enhancement programs for our students. 

The School Age Child Care (SACC) Program offers on-site care before and after school to children of working parents. We are home to a class of children in our special education collaborative. (BICO) Parents play a vital role in the life of our school. Thanks to their tremendous ongoing support we have been able to fund cultural programs to enhance the curriculum as well as provide 100s of volunteer hours  which help our school in numerous ways. 

Well beyond a full school day, even after extended day care, our facilities are alive with activities for children. Enrichment programs sponsored by PTO as well as legions of Boy and Girl Scouts and other recreational programs fill our building. 

We pride ourselves with providing rich educational opportunities that begin the district's mission to educate motivated, self-sufficient learners who will be creative problem solvers, able to understand and contribute to a complex society. We treasure the work we do within our walls and value the efforts that go beyond. May our doors always welcome in the world and send forth young children ready to take it on.