What’s Happening in Room 33

September 12-23, 2016


We have been working hard!

   We learned and practiced writing 7 new letters in our Fundations (phonics) program! T/t, B/b, F/f, N/n, M/m, C/c and A/a.

   Practiced getting in and out of Open Circle and learned about Open Circle. Mrs. Balfour and Mrs. Mecklenburg even joined us for an Open Circle!

   Designed our own self-portraits K-kids.  We are working hard on making our pictures and drawings “realistic.”

   Decorated beautiful Welcome Owls with markers, glitter and a picture!

   Read Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom and made a name page for our class book.

   Read the scholastic books School, Lunch and I am and put the words I, see, school, am and like on our Snap word wall.

   Learned how to count and show numbers 1-5 using objects, numbers, and words.

   Learned how to draw pictures using shapes.


Ask Your Child….

   To name a few classroom rules.

   What sound some of the letters they learned make, or what the picture keyword is to help remember the sound (Ex: “T” top, “B” bat, “F” fun)

   To name a friend or two.

What’s Coming Up!

   OPEN HOUSE-September 29! Your child will give you a tour of our classroom and show you all their hard work!

   Next week, we will celebrate fall and meet the letters I/i and U/u and snap words a and can.

Please encourage practicing writing letters and numbers at home, as well as reinforcing the sounds of the letters of the week! Make it a fun game by finding sight words in a book, taking turns thinking of things that start with letters we learn. Have your child read you the scholastic books they bring home each week. Reinforcing these concepts at home helps a lot, and your child will love to “show what they know”


Mrs. Cataldo and Mrs. Coffey