Other Class Info

Birthday Celebrations   
Birthday Celebrations
Birthdays are celebrated during snack time, please send in a note a week previous to the celebration to arrange a time and date.  Please bring in your child's favorite book to read to the class.

Notes from home!   

Notes from Home 
 A note from home is needed if your child is not going home on his/her usual bus of if your child will be picked up from school.  (Due to the number of students taking the bus, your child should only take a different bus for child care purposes.)  Please put the note in your child's folder, we will get it from there.  Pick-up locations:  Regularly scheduled dismissal time, 3:00 at the school library(Please use the side door.)  Early dismissal time for your child, front office.  You can communicate with me in a note in the communication folder, my phone number #508-541-5475 Extension 1420 or my email,griffin@norfolk.k12.ma.us.