Classroom Policies

                                         Home/School Communication

Your child will use their take home folder each day. It is very important to check your child's take home folder every night. There are often notices for you placed in your child's folder each afternoon. You will find a monthly newsletter from me that includes events, volunteer opportunities, celebrations, and most importantly details on what we are learning, and how you can stay involved in your child's education from home. At the beginning of the school year I will ask for a parent email that is used frequently so that I can also easily communicate to families. I usually send a weekly update in email with quick updates and pictures of our learning. Your child will also have a homework log that  often includes a behavior chart component. To start the year I will use a ticket system, we may move to a personal clip chart, and eventually a money system with school store.


If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to call, email, or drop a note in your child's folder anytime.

Birthday Celebrations

When your child's birthday approaches please contact me via email to schedule a convenient 15 minute block to come in and celebrate your child's birthday. It is important to have at least 24 hour notice of your availability so that the time can be confirmed and not interfere with our daily schedule. We will be having non-food birthday celebrations. Your child is invited to bring in a favorite book and a show and tell item. You are welcome to read the story, your child can read, or I am happy to read to the class. I look forward to sharing this very special day with you and your child.

To celebrate birthdays, please bring:

*Favorite story to read aloud*

*Show and Tell* (No Electronics or Breakables)

Dismissal Policy

It is important that you send in a note with your child about any change in their dismissal routine. If your child does different things on different days (example: Bus on Monday, required for riding different buses, clubs, activities, and SACC. Tuesday, Pick Up on Wednesday, etc. you may write one note with the weekly information that will serve as a year-long note. Notes are also required for riding a different bus, clubs, activities, and SACC.