August 28 – September 9, 2016

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                                                     August 28 – September 9, 2016

 These Weeks We . . .

  • learned some new chants - “Good Morning to . . .”, “Welcome Children”,  “It’s Kindergarten a Wonderful Place To Be”
  •  learned to be a 5 star listener on the rug with many of our daily routines; calendar, weather graph, “How many days has school been open” count and colored a kid to look like me - true life color hair and eyes studied 3 letters Bb, Ff and Tt – practiced their sounds and writing them
  •  learned lots of new things about our school and took a tour of our school
  •  had our 1st all school fire drill while we were at Library, we did a great job
  •  had Open Circle and played a fun game getting to know each others name
  • had computer and met Mr. Pizzi, we learned many rules about using our computers and played the “Bees and Honey” game
  •  met Mrs. Carney in Library and took out a book, don’t forget to bring it back next Wednesday
  • we had fun with Mr. D two times at Physical Education
  •  in math we made our own “Number Story” book and played the “Bus Stop” game
  • did our 1st entry into our journal, we drew something we did at school, ASK ME what I chose


* Wednesday is Library – bring back your book

   Tuesday and Thursday is Physical Education – wear your sneakers

*September 29th is our Open House, students are welcome to come