January 16 – 27, 2017

posted Apr 7, 2017, 8:29 AM by oshea@norfolk.k12.ma.us

                                           January 16 – 27, 2017

These Weeks We . . .                       

·      started guided reading groups with Mrs. O’Shea

·      started tapping sounds in our CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) and blending them together

·      finished up Chapter 10 in math 3-Dimensional shapes and positional words then started Chapter 11 on Measurement

·      brought home my 1st report card, didn’t I do great!

·      at Writer’s Workshop continued working on our “How To” books, ASK ME what I am teaching you

·      read the books “Where is my Snowflake” and “They Are On”; added 2 more words to the Word Wall, “they” and “on” and got our own copies to put in our book bin

·      were sentence makers and illustrators with “I like my warm hat.”

·      during Reader’s Workshop we have been using all our super powers to read independently and with our partner, ASK ME who my partner is

·      practiced reading our word wall words playing Word Wall Bingo

·      at Open Circle we discussed “speaking up” using a clear voice, looking at the person we are speaking with and using a voice at a good level when speaking to people and also talked about “cooperation”



* Don’t forget to send in a bag of “good stuff” for our snow_?_ project on Monday

* Please label all your child’s clothes, hats, mittens, boots, etc.

* We can use some more hand sanitizer for the classroom. If you would like to help out, that would be great

* Monday your child will start bringing home a book bag with 3-4 books in it to read with you, so keep your eye out for it!