January 3 -13, 2017

posted Apr 7, 2017, 8:28 AM by oshea@norfolk.k12.ma.us

These Weeks We . . .                            January 3 -13, 2017

·   started to write our first and last name on all our papers

·   wrote and illustrated a journal entry about our Winter vacation, ASK ME what I wrote about

·   during reading talked about how readers talk about books, like in book clubs and we added pattern power to our “Reading Super Powers” and played “Guess my pattern” with a partner

·   practiced writing and reviewing all our letters and sounds

·   played math games on the smartboard

·   used our hands to make some beautiful cardinals for our hallway bulletin board

·   colored myself in a snowsuit for our classroom bulletin board, I am there with my snowman I cut out and reindeer

·   at Writer’s Workshop we started working on “How-To” books, ASK ME what I am teaching in my book

·   sang some new winter songs, and a new Good Morning song

·   reviewed all our word wall words, added said, he, she, do, it, is, if, in and it – we now have 31 words on our Word Wall

·   read many wonderful and fun snowman and winter stories

·   colored and read the books “In Winter” and “What Can We Do In the Snow.” I brought it home, ASK ME to read it to you

·   learned why we have Monday, January 18th off for Martin Luther King Jr. and what a great man he was, ASK ME to sing a song about him to you

·   talked about what our “dream” would be to make the world better and then wrote and illustrated it, ASK ME what I did

·   talked about syllables, and used clapping to see how many syllables were in     different words and our name

·   in math we have been learning about and describing 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, using words like, vertices, flat sides, curved sides, slide, stack, and roll


*AND MOST IMPORTANT - Keep our fingers crossed –


F.Y.I. – Please label all your child’s winter clothes. Using a reusable grocery bag is an easy way for them to carry them to and from school. One more thing, slip on shoes help to speed the getting ready for recess process!  ThanksJ