January 5-16, 2015

posted Jan 16, 2015, 11:52 AM by oshea@norfolk.k12.ma.us

                      January 5 -16, 2015

These Weeks We . . .

·   started to write our first and last name on all our papers

·   wrote and illustrated a journal entry on our Winter vacation, ASK ME what I did mine on

·   made our own January calendar by filling in the numbers

·   practiced writing and reviewing all our letters and sounds

·   played on math games on the smartboard

·   used magnetic letter boards to practice our consonant sounds and put letters in alphabetical order and played bingo with their sound

·   colored myself in a snowsuit for our hallway bulletin board, I am there with my snowman I cut out

·   at Writer’s Workshop we continued working on persuasive writing, we wrote a persuasive letter on “What is the best toy?” and are now working on a letter to you to persuade you to make a change at home, ASK ME what I want to persuade you to do

·   sang some new winter songs, and a new Good Morning song

·   wrote numbers that came before and after

·   reviewed all our word wall words, added good, we, on, it, is, if, in and it – we now have 18 words on our Word Wall

·   read many wonderful and fun snowman and winter stories

·   colored and read a book “In Winter” I added my copy to my “Independent Reading” folder

·      learned why we have Monday, January 19th off for Martin Luther King Jr. and what a great man he was, ASK ME to sing a song about him to you

·      created a picture of Rev. King the T.L.C. way

·   talked about what our “dream” would be to make the world better

·   talked about syllables, and used clapping to see how many syllables were in     different words and our name

·   in math we have been learning about and describing 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, using words like, vertices, flat sides, curved sides, slide, stack, and roll

·   AND MOST IMPORTANT - Keep our fingers crossed –