March 13 – 24, 2017

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These Weeks We . . .                           March 13 – 24, 2017

·      saw the Pumpernickel Puppets they were great – thank you TPA for the presentation

·      practiced hearing and filling in the middle vowel sound for CVC words

·      in Open Circle we talked about how you can see what people are feeling and body language

·      at Writer’s Workshop we are working on persuasive writing – writing “to change the world”, ASK ME what mine is about

·      finished adding words to our word wall, attached is a list of all our words, ASK ME to read them to you

·      had reading group with Mrs. O’Shea and Independent Reading, ASK ME what I am reading about, we added “extra strength” power to our reading super powers and talked about what it looks like and is to be an “avid” reader as opposed to a “blah” reader

·      in math we finished Chapter 12 and did great on our Chapter test which was about sorting and displaying the information in graph form

·      started Chapter 5 in math, we will learn how to show, and act out addition

·      in Science we learned how they make paper and looked at 10 different kinds of paper then explored them to see if they would be good for folding or writing on

·      Welcomed Spring with a book and a new song

·      celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and had a visit from Harneys Dance School and saw some marvelous Irish step dancers, we heard many leprechaun stories then made our own leprechaun face

·      heard the story of rainbow fish and made one of our own, ASK ME what rainbow fish had that every other fish wanted

·      some students have asked to do the Lexia – Core 5 computer game at home, it is on the schools student page, they  know their password for it


Mark your calendars, more information will be coming on these special events -

* Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences will be on March 28th (afternoon) and March 30th (evening), those are both ½ days and I look forward to seeing you at your scheduled time – end of day pickups will be in the gym due to the book fair

*Thursday, April 27th 1:45-2:30 our class will be having a Poetry Party and you are invited

* Last day of kindergarten will be Tuesday, June 13th it will be a full day; our Kindergarten Memory Show will be on Monday, June 12th, at 1:30PM.