March 21 – April 1, 2016

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                                                                                                   March 21 – April 1, 2016

These Weeks We . . .

·      Welcomed Spring with a book and a new song and a 2 hour delay because of snow

·      Played many math games with the help of some great moms – Domino Drive-In, Memory with dominoes, 10 Frame Bump and Die Plus 1

·      Had Reader’s Workshop where we continued becoming “Avid Readers”; we discussed using just right words to describe our characters feelings; played “Guess my Feeling”; worked on mastering our “Super Powers;” had reading play dates; and practiced playing pretend with our stories

·      Had Writer’s Workshop where we continue writing our “How to . . .” books

·      Learned a lot about rainbows, heard some great books about rainbows and some new songs

·      Heard to stories Chameleon Colors; A Color of His Own; and Rex then colored a chameleon, choose which book we liked best and why, ASK ME about the one I chose

·      In math we are doing algebra – finding the missing addend and decomposing numbers to 10, discovering different ways to make them

·      Heard the story of rainbow fish and made one of our own, ASK ME what rainbow fish had that every other fish wanted

·      We made some big rainbows with tissue paper for our classroom windows

·      In science we have been studying different kinds of wood, we labeled things in our classroom that are made of wood and went on a wood hunt to find a matching kind of wood we had. We also discussed where wood comes from and how it is made into particleboard and plywood.

·      During Open Circle we discussed bullying and important words like ally, target and bystander then we had a revisit from our 5th grade friends. They come in the fall to talk about being a friend with us; today they came and talked about bullying with us. They read us a book and we made a banner to hang in the hallway.


     * Half days next Tuesday and Thursday, I look forward to seeing at conference time

     * End of day pick ups next week will be in the Gym due to the book fair inn the Library. Our class will be going to the book fair on Tuesday, 9:40-10:05 if you want to go with your child.