March 27 – April 7, 2017

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                                                                                                   March 27 – April 7, 2017

These Weeks We . . .

·      Played many math games – Rainbow Math, Die Plus 2; Tic Tac Toe; Guess my number

·      Learned a lot about rainbows, heard some great books about rainbows and some new songs

·      Heard the stories Chameleon Colors; A Color of His Own; and Rex then water colored a chameleon, ASK ME which book I liked best and why

·      We made some big rainbows with tissue paper for our classroom windows

·      Read and illustrated the story “Can You See It?”

·      Talked about how we have so many colors in our life and showed them in the paper “I am a rainbow”

·      Welcomed April which is “National Poetry Month” and have been hearing and learning lots of poems – our class recited “Shout It” over the loud speaker for the whole school to hear – we did a great job!

·      Had Reader’s Workshop where we became “Avid Readers”, and learned how much fun it is to read poems

·      Had Writer’s Workshop where we finished our persuasive writing and shared them with the class and started writing poems

·      Heard the story Planting a Rainbow then made a class book we had teams working on different pages, ASK ME what color page I worked on and who was on my team

·      In math we are decomposing numbers to 10, discovering different ways (number pairs) to make them

·      We had a visit from Liz a dental hygienist from Walpole Dental who spoke to us on taking care of our teeth

·      In science we changed old paper into new paper, ASK ME how I did that

·      During Open Circle we discussed expressing anger appropriately, using deep breaths to calm down


F.Y.I. – Mark you calendars

     * April 27 – class “Poetry Party”; 1:45-2:30

       * May 19 – class field trip to Southwick Zoo

       * June 12 – Kindergarten Memory Show; 1:45-2:30

       * June 13 – Last day of Kindergarten – full day