March 9 - 20, 2015

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These Weeks We . . .                           March 9 – 20, 2015

·      illustrated in our journals something we did over the weekend and wrote about it, ASK ME what I wrote about

·      saw the Pumpernickel Puppets and wrote in our journal about it – thank you TPA for the presentation

·      practiced hearing and filling in the middle vowel sound for CVC words

·      graphed cubes and turned them into an addition sentence

·      used our magnetic alphabet boards and letter vests to spell CVC words, and had a spelling bee for our Word Wall Words on our dry erase boards

·      at Writer’s Workshop we started “How to” books, in my first book I am explaining how to make my favorite sandwich, then the 2nd book is my choice help me think of a good idea

·      added he, she, me, we, stop, go, school and will to our word wall

·      had Guided Reading with Mrs. O’Shea and Independent Reading, ASK ME what I am reading about

·      had Digital Learning Day where we watched videos on different departments in our town – the DPW, the fire station and the police station

·      in math we finished Chapter 12 and did great on our Chapter test which was about sorting and displaying the information in graph form

·      started Chapter 5 in math, we will learn how to show addition

·      colored and read the book “Spring”

·      welcomed Spring with new Spring songs and Spring books

·      sounded out CVC words and wrote them in shamrocks

·      had a visit from Walpole Dental who talked to us about taking good care of our teeth, and eating healthy snacks and sent us home with a bag of treats

·      in science we have been discussing wood, focusing on 2 questions, which we illustrated and answered in our science notebooks; “What is made of wood?” we labeled the room with signs “This is made of wood.” and “What happens when wood gets wet?”

F.Y.I. - Mark your calendars!

* Thursday, April 30th 10:30 our class will be having a Poetry Party and you are invited, it will last about 30-45 minutes.

* It looks like our last day of kindergarten will be Thursday, June 18th; so our Kindergarten Memory Show will be on Wednesday, June 17th in the AM.

More information will be coming on both this special events.