May 8 – 26, 2017

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These Weeks We . . .                         May 8 – 26, 2017

·      Finished our beautiful Mother’s Day gift, we hope you loved it

·      Had weekly guided reading groups with Mrs. O’Shea

·      Practiced dictation writing on dry erase, we wrote trick words, CVC words and sentences - we are doing awesome!!!

·      Challenged ourselves to spell out animal’s names, not just the beginning and ending sound – we tapped the words slowly to see how many sounds we could hear – we did an awesome job!

·      Counted animals in the zoo picture and used the numbers to make number sentences

·      At Writer’s Workshop we have been writing informational books, ASK ME what my topic is; and at Reader’s Workshop my group chose a topic to learn about and continue being an “avid reader”

·      We had a spectacular trip to Southwick Zoo, thank you Mrs. Mastro, Mrs. O’Brien, Mrs. McKillop and Mrs. Bostrom for being our chaperones

·      Went to a wonderful Grade 2 production of The Wizard of Oz

·      Discussed the meaning of Memorial Day and had a whole school assembly by the flagpole

·      Colored a “Happy Memorial Day” flag, ASK ME to sing the song on it to you

·      In math we have been learning how to write, read and model the teen numbers

·      Discussed what bullying is and what we should do if we are bullied or see someone being bullied. Had a fun visit from our Grade 5 friends, they came over to read and discuss with us a story on bullying, then we traced our hand for a poster

·      In science learned about worms and wrote about it in our science journals, ASK ME about them


F.Y.I. - Mark your calendars

~ Please don’t forget to send back the 2 sheets for your child’s memory


     ~ Kindergarten Memory Show, Monday, June 12th, 1:45

     ~ Last day of kindergarten, Tuesday, June 13th, a full day


Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend