November 10-21, 2014

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                                             November 10-21, 2014

These Weeks We . . .                                               

  • ·      Learned 4 new letters Vv, Ww, Jj and Pp – practiced their sound and writing them
  • ·      Read several books about Veteran’s Day, wrote and illustrated “Thank You” letters to local soldiers
  • ·      Started to learn about the 1st Thanksgiving and are busy working on a book about it
  • ·      Learned a song about the difficult trip the pilgrims had crossing to the new land. We sang about it in our “Sail, Sail” song, ASK ME to sing it to you
  • ·      Talked about Squanto and the Wampanoag tribe and how they helped the pilgrims, and made a TLC picture of Squanto for our book
  • ·      Learned a song about the Wampanoag’s, ASK ME to sing it to you
  • ·      Had Open Circle where we talked about “Positive Self-Talk” when we have difficult things to do
  • ·      Started to illustrate and label our own label books, ASK ME what mine is about
  • ·      heard some stories from a great South African storyteller, Valerie Tutson, Thank you TPA
  • ·      in math we have been focusing on the number 10 and how it fills up a 10 frame and different number pairs we can use to compose a number 10 and the order of numbers
  • ·      practiced reading our color words with our “Colorful Fall” paper, added them to our word wall
  • ·      worked on sequencing building a turkey
  • ·      read and matched up number words with their amount in a 10 frame



* Thank you to all who are sending in goods to help make our school feast                               great, please have things into our class by Monday, November 24th

* When shopping for winter coats, boots, etc. please try to have   things that your child can independently take on and off, zip and       button, etc. they hate spending all recess getting ready for recess.       Also please label all your children’s clothes – Thank you