October 24 – November 4, 2016

posted Nov 6, 2016, 6:18 PM by oshea@norfolk.k12.ma.us

                                                                                                                          October 24 – November 4, 2016

These Weeks We . . .

  • ·      were introduced to 2 letters, Ee and Uu. We practiced their sound and how to write them – we have now met all the vowels
  • ·      added new words to our word wall “can”, “the”, “go” and “will” after reading the books “Who Do You See?”, and “Trick or Treat”, I put my copy into my reading bin
  • ·      worked hard on learning the meaning of numbers 0 to 9, we practiced making sets, writing them, 3 ways to represent them with objects, the number itself and the number word
  • ·      during Reading Workshop we continued to learn and practice strategies to read our old favorite storybooks and finished Unit 1 with a parade to the Main Office in our special crowns
  • ·      in science we continued learning about trees, discussed the shapes of trees and how some have similar shapes
  • ·      had Open Circle and talked about the “good school listening look” and using “Non-verbal Signals”, we also had the 5th Grade come over to visit and talk about how to be a good friend, ASK ME who read me a book
  • ·      learned many new Halloween songs - I’m Orange and Round, They’ll Be Coming to our Doors on Halloween, Ghost and Goblins, ASK ME to teach you some. We heard many great Halloween stories, too.
  • ·      had a great Halloween parade and party. Thank you to all who sent in things for our goodie bags they were a hit and especially Mrs. Martin and Mrs. McKillop for all your work organizing things
  • ·      at Writer’s Workshop we continued working on our stories stretching words out to hear their sounds, using our word wall words in sentences and words we can find in the classroom. We labeled the classroom and drew a picture of our family and labeled each member, it is hanging in the hall with our other family picture our “School Family” hope you saw it
  • ·      made Halloween ghosts to trick or treat to our haunted house in the hallway


It was great to see all of you at conferences and discuss how your child is doing. For 42 days in Kindergarten and being 5/6 years old they are doing amazing things, we should all be very proud of them. Thank you for your support.