October 6 – 24, 2014

posted Oct 25, 2014, 9:23 AM by oshea@norfolk.k12.ma.us

These Weeks We . . .              

·      were introduced to 4 letters, Ss, Dd, Oo and Gg. We practiced their sound and how to write them

·      added new words to our word wall “to”, “a”, “you” and “ can” after reading the books “I Like”, “Kittens” and “Farm Animals”, I brought home my own copy - let’s read it together

·      at Writer’s Workshop we drew our family and labeled them we also drew a picture of a farm and labeled it

·      read and illustrated the story “I am ____, I see apples. . . .”

·      worked hard on learning the meaning of numbers 0 to 7, we practiced making sets, writing them, 3 ways to represent them with objects, the number itself and the number word

·      had a fun trip to Jane and Paul’s farm, then we illustrated it in our classroom journal

·      learned why we were off last Monday, it was Christopher Columbus Day, we learned about him and did some fun activities

·      made a ghost the T.L.C. way – listening for directions on what to cut and glue – they are walking to our haunted house in the hallway

·      started our science unit on Trees and Weather, we went out to observe the trees in our schoolyard then illustrated what we saw in our science notebook, we also labeled the parts of a tree in our notebook.

·      made a “Science” bulletin board and we started a “Science Word Wall”

·      used magnetic boards to practice our sounds

·      had Open Circle and talked about the “School Listening Look”, “Non-verbal Signals” and “Compliments”

·      learned many new Halloween songs - I’m Orange and Round, the Halloweeny Spider, Ghost and Goblins, ASK ME to teach you some and heard many great Halloween stories



* Please read the attached note about our Halloween festivities next week

* The classroom could use some more hand sanitizer if you could send some in that would be great – thank you