September 18 – September 29, 2017

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                                         September 18 – September 29, 2017

These Weeks We . . .                    

·      were introduced to 4 letters, Ii, Uu, Cc, and Oo. We practiced their sound and how to write them, we talked about vowels and why they are special letters

·      read the book “Lunch” and “I Am” added “like”, and “am” to our word wall, ASK ME to read my copy I brought home to you and let’s find a special place to keep all my books I bring home

·      used magnetic boards to find the sounds we learned and practiced putting our letters in ABC order

·      worked hard on learning the meaning of numbers 0 to 5, we practiced making sets, writing them, 3 ways to represent them with objects, the number itself and the word and used counters to solve problems 

·      talked about the seasons and welcomed fall on Friday

·      at Reader’s Workshop – we sing a special gathering song, then go to the rug for a mini-lesson where we learn something new to help us with learning to read. We learned you read starting with the cover and go to the next page, then the next till the end and we learned about rereading our books to discover more interesting information and it is always good to add a “pinch” of you to a story

·      talked about friends and friendships, read many stories about friends, and made a “I See My Friends” class book, ASK ME whose picture I put in it

·      Officer Plympton came and talked about bus safety and we made a class “Bus Safety” book ASK ME what my rule was

·      Heard the story of Chrysanthemum, we compared how many letters in our name, and her name and heard why we got our name. Used rip art to make a big chrysanthemum flower.

·      started our science unit on Trees and Weather, we went outside and observed the trees in our schoolyard then illustrated what we saw in our science notebook. We adopted a tree to watch all year to see how it will change during the seasons and then we illustrated them in our science notebooks

·      had our first AIMM’s (Art, Integrated Technology, Music and Movement) meeting, all the kindergartener’s were together with our “Special” teachers learning and having fun, ASK ME how it was and who was the best dancer.


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It was great to see everyone at our Open House, I hope you had a great time and a good guide for your school tour. Enjoy your weekend! GO PATS!