September 22 - October 3, 2014

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                                         September 22- October 3, 2014

These Weeks We . . .          

·      were introduced to 4 letters Cc, Rr, Ii and Aa. We practiced their sound and how to write them, ASK ME why Aa and Ii are a special letter and on a pink card

·      talked about the seasons and welcomed fall, created our own fall tree picture

·      added 2 new words to our word wall “am” and “like” after reading the books I Am and  Lunch, I brought home my own copy of them - let’s read them together

·      talked about friends and friendships, read many stories about friends, including Hunter’s Best Friend at School, ASK ME if Stripe was a good friend to Hunter

·      illustrated “Headline News” using our word wall words “I” and “am” telling something about ourselves “I am a ________”

·      also created sentences using all our word wall words “I am ____”; “I see ____” and “I like ____” we had to write our classmates name and glue on a picture of them to finish the sentence

·      had Writer’s Workshop, we drew a self portrait for September doing something at school, ASK ME what I drew

·      saw a quick video on Johnny Appleseed, last Friday was his birthday

·      used magnetic boards to find the sounds we learned

·      worked hard on learning the meaning of numbers 0 to 5, we practiced making sets, writing them, 3 ways to represent them with objects, the number itself and the word

·      Officer Plympton came and talked to us about bus safety, we made a class bus safety book using the rules we learned, ASK ME which rule I illustrated

·      had Open Circle and talked about using “flower breathing” to calm down and the “School Listening Look”, ASK ME to show it to you, we had special visitors Mrs. Balfour and Mrs. Mecklenburg come in to talk about being part of the “HOD school family” and we started our school wide the “Eyes and Hi’s” program with a fun school wide assembly and Pete the Cat


*See attached is a class field trip information