These Weeks We . . . 9/8/15-9/25/15

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  •    were introduced to 7 letters, Bb, Ff, Tt, Cc, Aa, Mm, and Nn. We practiced their sound and how to write them

·      learned some new chants - “Good Morning to . . .”, “Welcome Children”,  “It’s Kindergarten a Wonderful Place To Be

·      learned to be a 5 star listener on the rug and many of our daily routines; calendar, weather graph, “How many days has school been open” count

·      colored a kid to look like me - true life color hair and eyes

·      had our 1st whole school practice fire drill, we did great!

·      heard many great stories: Alphabet Adventure; Alphabet Mystery; Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Carrot Seed, and Alphabet Rescue and many more

·      added the letters in our name to our Chicka, Chicka, Name, Name tree

·      read the book “School” and “I Am” added “I”, “school”, “am” and “see” to our word wall, ASK ME to read my copy I brought home to you

  • ·          illustrated “Headline News” using our word wall words “I” and “am” telling something about ourselves “I am a ________”

·      used magnetic boards to find the sounds we learned

·      worked hard on learning the meaning of numbers 0 to 5, we practiced making sets, writing them, 3 ways to represent them with objects, the number itself and the word     

·      talked about the seasons and welcomed fall, created our own fall tree picture

·      Officer Plympton came and talked to us about bus safety, we made a class bus safety book using the rules we learned, ASK ME which rule I illustrated

·      started Reader’s Workshop – we sing a special gathering song, then go to the rug for a mini-lesson where we learn something new to help us with learning to read – did you know, “We are readers!”, we practiced reading on our own “private” reading and reading with a partner. We practiced with “learning about the world” books. We discovered “wow” pages in these books and shared them with a partner, we learned you read starting with the cover and go to the next page, then the next till the end and we learned about rereading our books to discover more interesting information.

·      had a great Open House, I hope you enjoyed yourself!