May 2017
What's going on in Mrs. Levy's room?

It is May! We only have six more weeks (and a day) of school left, it truly doesn't seem possible! The kids have grown leaps and bounds and amaze me every day. 
We will have two numbers of the month, numbers "8" and "9." We will do the number 8 for the first part of the month, and 9 for the second half. Ways that you can be involved: point out the number 8 or 9 when you see them in the community (grocery store, house numbers, etc.) and have the kids count out 8 or 9 items (gummy snacks, pretzels). 

For gross motor skills, we are incorporating all that we have done this year (crossing midline, jumping, throwing, etc.) with various movement activities during our movement circle. Hopefully as our weather gets warmer we can all be doing these things in our driveways and at the park! 
May is staring to warm up and we are loving it! Here's are our themes for the month:

Week of 5/1- Butterflies and Bees
Main concepts: metamorphosis, where we see them in our environment, their food. 
Week of 5/8- Flowers
Main concepts: parts of a flower, the importance of pollen and nectar (tied to previous week), flower growth. 
Week of 5/15 & 5/22- Dinosaurs
Main concepts: herbivores and carnivores, extinction
Week of 5/29- Transportation
Main concepts: different types/modes of transportation. 

All themes will have other academic concepts interwoven...colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc. 

We would like to say "thank you" to Maleia's family for providing us a hands on learning experience about bees! They are bee keepers and graciously brought us an enclosed hive to see the bees, their honey combs, and how they extract the honey. Thank you so much to the Cloughs! 

This week, our future kindergarteners are having another right of passage- eating in the cafeteria! We will eat our snack in the cafeteria as the Kindergartners are eating their lunch. It is important to get used to the hustle and bustle of the cafeteria, it is quite the change from our little snack! We will try to go every Thursday until the end of the school year. 


- There is a half day on Friday, May 26th. Pick up will be 11:45am. There is no kids club on that day (if your child attends this program)

- No school on Monday, May 29th, in observance of Memorial Day.

- The last day of preschool is Monday, June 12th. This is considered a full day, so I will have my afternoon program if your child attends. 

- Please reserve June 9th for our family day at Capron Park Zoo. I will be calling later this week to get prices and set things up. Please remember that each child needs to have a responsible guardian to attend the day with us. If you have any questions, just ask!