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March 2017
What's going on in Mrs. Levy's room?

I know I say it every month, but really, can you believe that it is March? Time is flying for sure! 
Our number of the month is "6," which we introduced this week. Again, naturally emphasize the number 6 as you are interacting with the environment around you. 
March is a full long month with lots of themes to explore! 

Week of 2/27- Dr. Seuss
Week of 3/6- Rainbows/Colors
Week of 3/13- St. Patrick's Day
Week of 3/27- Space

Parent/teacher conference sign ups are live online! If you have missed the link in the previous email or did not receive it, please let me know and I will send it to you again. I will send out reminders in the following weeks of our appointment. If there are any conflicts, please let me know as soon as you can. Please think of your questions or concerns that you would like to discuss! 

2017-2018 Preschool Registration is closed. If you are currently attending our preschool, you will be automatically placed in the program that you chose. If you have a younger child who you registered and is going through the lottery process, the lottery will take place on Friday, 3/17. If your child is on an IEP, we, along with the team, will discuss your child's placement for the following year and a spring transitional meeting. 

**For Students Going to Kindergarten 2017-2018**
Students in our preschool get to experience some "rite of passages" as they prepare to go to Kindergarten. One of those will be walking into school by themselves, as they will be doing this next year. This is our schedule for this milestone: 

Week of 3/13: As a class, we will practice after recess how to walk down the hallway by themselves. There is no change to morning drop off for this week. 

Week of 3/20: Students will enter the building themselves. Parents will walk the students to the front of the school at the door, make contact with the teacher, and then the student will walk in by themselves. There will be a teacher at the intersection, and myself at our classroom door, so there will always be eyes on the kids. If you have any special notes or messages to relay to me, just send in a note (in  your child's hand) or text me using the Reminder app. 


We are in need of some items for our class! If you have any of the following to spare or can pick up a set at the store, we would greatly appreciate it! 
- Paper towels
- Purell Hand Wipes (large white container, usually in the bleach wipe section)
- Tissues
- Elmers Glue Sticks
- Elmers Glue Bottles

We have some fun crafts coming up as well! As you are using these things in the house, please send them our way!
- Paper towel rolls
- Toilet paper rolls
- Any sorts of clean recyclables- cereal boxes, plastic containers, cardboard boxes, drink containers (completely rinsed out and dried!) I have a feeling a pesky leprechaun will be visiting and we need to build some traps! 

There will be two half days at the end of the month- Tuesday, 3/28 and Thursday, 3/30- for our conferences. Dismissal will be at 11:45am. 

You will receive a Butter Braid fundraiser in your child's backpack. Please check out the dates of when it should be returned, I will try my best to remind you! 

Also, a salmon colored sheet came home about the "Coin Wars" that will be happening from Monday 3/13 to Thursday, 3/16. If you have some spare change, please send it our way!