About The Teacher

Mrs.  Eileen  Cloutier 
Developmental Math 
 508-541-5475 ex.2020         cloutier@norfolk.k12.ma.us

This is my third year at the H. Olive Day Elementary School.  I was fortunate to have a phenomenal math instructor at Simmons College, where I received my masters degree in elementary education. This particular instructor was my inspiration for learning how to teach math. I quenched my mathematical thirst while I was a classroom teacher for six years by continuously attending workshops, conferences, and taking mathematics courses.  Being a developmental math teacher has been a dream of mine for the past couple years.  I am so excited that all of the H.Olive Day students are part of my dream come true. 

I have two beautiful children of my own. Colby is in fourth grade and Samantha is in third grade. My whole family loves to boat and play on the beach. We also enjoy the outdoors and being active. Our new puppy, Max, is bringing us a lot of joy while keeping us on our toes.