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Non Participation in PE due to illness or injury   

If a child cannot participate in Physical Education due to illness or injury, they should have either a note from their doctor or parent/guardian excusing them.


Students should wear sneakers that support their feet, and have laces, velcro, or elastics to keep them in place.


Crocs, sandals, Uggs, and work boots are not acceptable footwear for Physical Education class.                         

Physical Education Curriculum at the H. Olive Day School for K-2    


- locomotor and non-locomotor skills                       

- climbing wall

- directionality                                                    

- cargo net

- pathways                                                            

- roller races

- levels                                                                

- tumbling

- creative movement and rhythms                        

- soccer skills

- chasing and fleeing                                             

- T-ball

- flexibility                                                            

- golf

- parachute activities                                            

- scooter hockey

- scooter boards                                                    

- carpet skating

- relays                                                                

- cup stacking

- hula hoops and jump ropes                                  

- basketball skills

- throwing and catching                                          

- beachball volleyball

- balance beam                                                      

- cooperative games