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About The Teacher

Bill  Reilly 

Art Teacher 
(508) 541-5475 x5190         wreilly@norfolk.k12.ma.us

Subjects Taught


BA from Framingham State University majoring in Fine Arts with a minor in Media and Communications.

After a 20 year career as an art director in the publishing field, I took a detour that led me to teaching. After experiencing all subjects as a regular substitute in the Norfolk Public Schools, I was fortunate enough to be hired as the art teacher at HOD in 2008. I've also taught art on a more limited basis at the Freeman Centennial School. My fine arts background combined with my previous career path in graphic arts serve me well in exposing the children to a varied and exciting curriculum.


I'm a lifelong Massachusetts resident, having grown up in nearby Dover. Raised in a clan of six, I'm used to being around children. I'm the proud father of three boys, one a student in the Norfolk Public Schools and two that have graduated onto middle school. Together with my wife, Karen, we've been residents of Norfolk for more than 20 years. My favorite food is ice cream. I love sports but I'm passionate about the Red Sox. I'm an avid fan of music, but sadly I only possess the ability to play the stereo. I enjoy running and gardening but admit I don't do enough of either. My favorite color changes everyday to fit my mood. My favorite museum is The Whitney Museum in NYC. My favorite artist is Edward Hopper. My greatest weakness is ice cream. I've been to China but never to Europe. I would love to go skydiving someday. My all time favorite movie is 'The Graduate.' I was at Fenway Park the night Carlton Fisk hit his game-winning home run in the '75 World Series.

I enjoy being around children and I love seeing them express their creative side. I don't believe all children need to be the "next Picasso" to succeed in art. However, I do believe art plays a vital role in shaping a child's personality. I believe developing an appreciation for art is equally important to honing one's artistic skills. Art class should provide a temporary escape from the classroom, where students can interact and socialize while allowing their creative side to shine. Like Phys. Ed., Music, Library and Computer class, Art often allows a student to display to their piers strengths the classroom does not always provide the opportunity to show.

Oh, did I mention I love ice cream!