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Update from the HOD Art Room

posted Apr 1, 2015, 12:47 PM by William Reilly   [ updated May 27, 2015, 11:29 PM ]
Right from the very start of the school year, artwork has been produced at a steady pace by all kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students. With this update I'd like to share a small sampling of the work that has made this such a special year so far. It's very likely that some of these creations will look familiar as you've probably unpacked some from your child's backpack. I do hope you enjoy viewing these.

Kindergarten Creations

Our youngest students have contributed some of the most creative artworks. Here are just a few of them.

K-Open House Display

K-Candy Corn, Halloween Art


K-New Year's Watercolor/Crayon Resist

K-Matisse "Icarus" Collage



K-Eric Carle Caterpillars painted with balloons!



K-Big Flower Painting

K-Cherry Blossoms

1st Grade Phenoms

First graders have continued to grow artistically throughout the year. Here are just a few offerings of their art.

G1-The Dot

G1-Kool Kats have 9 Lives!

G1-Corn on the Cob

G1-Perspective Snowmen

G1-Tranfer Prints

G1-Showing how to clean up


G1-Paul Klee/Cat & Bird/Abstract

G1-Paul Klee/Castle & Sun/Geometric Shapes

G1-Matisse/Beasts of the Sea collage

G1-Watercolor/Crayon Resist Alphabets

G1-Cézanne Pears

Sensational Second Graders

A display of the many talented artists from the "masters" of the art room at HOD.

G2-Start of the year Self Portraits

G2-The famous HOD Crunch Bars!

G2-Pilgrim People

G2-Jim Dine Hearts

G2-Winter Watercolors

G2 Masterpieces-Gustave Caillebotte/Mrs. Niedzwicki

G2 Masterpieces-Edouard Manet/Mrs. MacKenzie

G2 Masterpieces-Pieter Bruegel/Mrs Pfeiffer

G2 Masterpieces-Gustav Klimt/Mrs. Anderson

G2 Masterpieces-Andy Warhol/Mrs. Aucella

Second Graders know how to clean up!