Other Class Info

Important Information   

Welcome to Kindergarten


Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Jacobsen



v Folder: please put all correspondence into the folder and check it daily. We will check it at school each day.

v Please take the time to read the bi-weekly newsletter.

v School # 508-541-5475 ext 1400

v E-mail: kmurphy@norfolk.k12.ma.us



Arrival/Dismissal Procedure

v School begins at 8:45; students will be marked tardy after 8:55. Please make an effort to arrive on time!

v The first few days of school children will be met at the front door and walked to their classroom.

v Tardy arrivals must check in at the office.

v Dismissal is at 3:00. Children will be walked to their bus line or to the library. If you are picking up your child you will need to meet them at the library. Early dismissals before 3:00 can be picked up at the office.

v Have your child wear the bus tag until 9/20. Help him or her to learn their bus number.

v Any dismissal changes must be in writing. Dismissal changes cannot be left on voicemail or sent via e-mail. Please try to avoid dismissal changes for the first week of school.


Snack, Lunch and Water

The beginning of the year can be hot and the classroom can be dry in the winter months. I strongly encourage children to bring a reusable water bottle to keep in their cubbie and take home each day. Please send a small, nutritious and neat snack and drink each day. Snack must be packed separate from lunch. Many families find having two lunch boxes works well, one for snack and one for lunch. Lunch can be purchased for $3.00 (includes milk) and milk for .50 monthly menus are posted online. Lunch or milk money must be sent in a small, labeled baggie or reusable money pouch and the selection written down and money placed in the folder. Eating in the cafeteria is a new experience and can be a bit overwhelming at first. To help with this I strongly discourage buying milk or lunch until 9/9.



We like to acknowledge birthdays at school. Birthdays will be celebrated once a month on a designated day. These are food and favor  free celebrations that parents are welcome to attend. Please do not send in party invitations or favors to distribute in class.


Specials Schedule

Monday   Art  

Tuesday      Music

Wednesday    Computers and Library

Thursday      PE  

Friday         PE





In this systematic, sequential, multi-sensory phonics program children have fun learning the alphabet and it’s corresponding sounds, tapping and blending words and building a sight word vocabulary. This is all done with Echo the owl and baby Echo.



Writer’s Workshop

Children learn to communicate with illustrations using beginning sounds and eventually words and sentences. We will learn beginning writing mechanics and explore different writing genres such as labeling, writing letters and how to books.

Handwriting Without Tears

This multi-sensory program teaches correct letter formation using the wet, dry, and try technique on chalkboards and white boards. Special language along with skywriting and practice sheets are also used

Independent Reading (second half of the year)

This is an opportunity for children to practice the good reading strategies they have been learning while reading books that are “just right” for each child. Some of the reading strategies taught will be:

v Using picture to tell the story

v Tracking print left to right

v Using beginning letters and sounds of words

v Tapping and sweeping

v Strategies for tricky words


Go Math

Daily routines include calendar, growing number line, attendance, weather and temperature.

Children use manipulatives, hands on activities and games to represent, count and write numbers, explore shapes and simple addition and subtraction.


Open Circle

This social competency program helps children develop their social and emotional citizenship.


Report Cards and Conferences

Kindergarten students receive a report card in January and June. Conferences are held twice a year: November and March. Conference sign ups will be during HOD Open House.


Class List

I will be distributing a class list with contact information. Please let me know if you do not wish to be included.


We are looking forward to a fun filled year of learning!

“This Week We.....”   

“This Week We.....”

This is a bi-weekly newsletter that will be distributed twice a month, please take the time to read it.This important communication will highlight recent learning and activities . " This Week We" also serves as a conversation starter for you and your child. Special reminders for upcoming

events are also included.

Birthday Celebrations   


We enjoy celebrantting birthdays in school!  Each month we will have a celebration for all children born that month. The celebration will include some singing, dancing and the exciting age change graph!  Due to allergies and health concerns this will be a food free celebration. Please do not send in party invitations or favors.

Friendly Reminders   

Friendly Reminders

shared with a large group and should be left at home

Thank you. 

Kindergarten Classroom Expectations   

Kindergarten Classroom Expectations


*       Be kind

*       Share

*       Include others

*       Take turns

*       Raise your hand

*       Treat school tools and work with respect

*       Keep hands and body parts to yourself

Take Home Teddy   

Take Home Teddy



Starting in October, one child will take home our class teddy for the weekend.

 Take Home Teddy loves to join in on family fun!  Please write a journal entry for

him and feel free to draw a picture of your favorite activity with Teddy.

When your child brings him back to school we will be able to share

with the whole class everything that Teddy did  with your family.

Teddy is very flexible, he loves both busy and relaxing weekends.