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Fishing Addition Game

Fishing Addition

A quick simple way to practice addition math facts.  You can click on the "addition activities" link at the bottom of the game to get to more math games. Enjoy! 

Hangman Games- word scrambles

Hangman/Word Scramble Games

Have your kiddo guess the consonants and vowels to make a word. 


Monument Museum 2013

We just wrapped up our Social Studies unit on National Monuments and Symbols.  The children have spent the last month learning about the American Flag, Mt. Rushmore, Statue Of Liberty, White House and the Bald Eagle.  Over the course of the unit the children worked in "research teams" to learn information on one of the symbols.  Each child then wrote about the monument or symbol they studied.  They also used mostly recyclable material to create a sculpture or portrait of their symbol.  We used these creations to open up a "National Monument Museum" at the H.O.D. School.  The other first grade classes took a "field trip" to our museum.  We were able to share our information and creations with our fellow first graders. We invite you to take a "virtual" field trip to our museum....enjoy the slideshow!  (It's about 4 1/2 minutes long.) 


Adding/ Subtracting Games 

When You Subtract With A Pirate Song 

Add Means Put Together, Subtract Means Take Away Song 

School House Rocks- Zero My Hero