Great links for students, parents and teachers!

Math Practice- Math Hero 

Everyday Math Online Reference Book 

Compound Word Game 

Top Teacher Resource 

Handwriting Without Tears 

Choosing Just Right Books For Your Child 

Everyday Math Resources & Games 

Everyday Math Resources & Games 

Grade Two Games 

All About Readers Workshop 

Fun Brain 

Childrens Books 

Kids' Corner 

Parent Resource- Helping Your Child Learn to Read 

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" 

Challenge Websites

Above and Beyond Challenge 

Panda Research 

Math Arcade Games 

Poetry Fun 

Haiku Poetry 

Math Practice

Grade 2 Math Practice 

Addition and Subtraction Games

Addition and Subtraction practice 

This is a great link for students. It lets them practice addition and subtraction fact. 

Bee Hive Math Practice

Bee Hive Math 

This is a great site to practice subtraction and addition word problems. 

Addition Flash Cards

Flash cards 

Subtraction Flash Cards

Subtraction Flash cards 

Spelling City Grade 2 link

Spelling City Practice 

BrainPOP Jr

BrainPOP Jr 

Practice Addition and Subtraction

Practice + and - 

Spin and Spell

Spin and Spell Words 

Panda Research

All About Pandas 

All About Pandas-Video

Panda Video 

Typing Practice

Dance Mat Typing

Comprehension quiz


Magic Tree House Comprehension

Magic Tree House 

Book Units

Various Books Comprehension/Vocabulary 

Money Practice-Cash out

Cash Out 

Balloon Pop Math- Adding

Balloon Pop 

Great Math Games

Math Practice 

Antonym Game


Synonym Practice


ABC order

ABC Order Practice 

Rhyming Dictionary

Rhyming for Poetry 

Everyday Math Games and Materials

Everyday Math Games 

Books to Read

Sylvan Books 

Interactive Math Games

Math Games 

Poetry Writing

Write a Poem 

Sight Words


Giggle Poetry

Let's Write a Poem 

Super Grade 2 Math Website

Grade 2 Math 

Earth Day

Eeko House 

Great Second grade link

Second Grade Practice 

Bat Research

Bat Research

Great Bat research for kids! 

Scoot Pad

Scoot Pad 

Read, Write and Think

Read, Write and Think 

Math Practice

Johnny's Math Page 

Story Starters

Story Starters 


Starfall Reading 


Math Playground 

Mr. Nussbaum Links

Mr. Nussbaum Practice 

Read, Write and Think

Read, Write and Think

Letter writing. Have fun writing a letter. 

References and Search Engines for Students

References and Search Engines 

Kid Friendly Search Engine

Kid Rex Searche Engine 

Safe Kids Search Engine 

National Geographic Animals Non-fiction research

Animals National Geographic 

Animal Research

National Geographic