Supply List

                     Mrs. MacKenzie’s Grade 2 


Suggested Supply List for 2016-2017:

 (1) Plastic school supply box (no larger than 11"x7")

 (3) Heavy duty Plastic Pocket Only Folders

  (1) pack of at least 5 dry erase markers

  (1) 2 inch white binder with a clear cover

  (1) Package of 25 plastic sleeves to put in binder

  (1) change purse, with your child's name on it (to put school money in)

*Optional* Supplies to be used in class as needed



         Prizes for classroom store

         Plastic Utensils – spoons and forks

        Plastic cups (disposable) 

         Plastic bags (gallon, quart, or sandwich size)

         Card Stock (assorted colors)